Alfazal Engineering - Lahore

Darogawala Gt Road Lahore

we are manufacturer of below items in pakistan 1.Cable Tray Ladder Perforated Mesh type 2. Unistrut Channel profile 3. Spring nut 4. beam Clamp 5. manhole covers 6. threading rods 7. Street Lighting Poles 8. solar structure 9. overhead line wapda towers. 10. conduit Pipe hot dip galvanize 11. clamps saddles end bush 12. earthing Lightning Grounding Material - Copper rods sleeve cladded 13. pre-fabricated concrete earth pit 14. copper bus bar earthing strip tape clamp 15. test point insulator jumpers braid 16. earthing network services for installation 17. cad weld mold powder cartridge 18. transformer rail line structure 19. frame raised floor structure 20. cable support 21. HV MV cable trefoil clamps 22. grating and grating clamp 23. angle iron H beam c channel 24. cable Gland Lugs 25. cable termination kits hot shrink cold shrink 26. cable tags cable ties pvc steel ties core marker 27. cable drum jack cable roller cable route markers 28. air Field Accessories - DMB transformer housing edge light plates sign board 29. lighting distribution panels DB JB 30. Lights explosion proof IP class Air field lights 31. siemens circuit breakers overload relays contactor push button led wiring connectors 32. changeover switch ATS panel feeder pillar panel with receptacles Modules PLC control components 33. SS pve coated cable ties tags
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