Haq Bricks Company - Lahore

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Company Name Haq Bricks Company
Categories BRICKS
Contact Person Maher Ahsan (Sale and Marketing Director)
Phone Number 03216577774
Official Website
Address Located In Jambar city (kasur),55 Km Multan road Lahore.

Description Welcome To Haq Bricks Company Haq Bricks Company is a well-established and widely recognized Bricks Manufacturing Company of Lahore . They are widely recognized and respected by the professionals related with the field of constructions, Especially Architects, Engineers and Contractors. Maher Abdul Khaliq founded the company more than years ago in 1985. When he established the first brick kiln in area of Jammber Distic Kasur in order to fulfill the Demand of construction industry in Lahore and around the city . However, the popularity of their bricks broke the geographic boundaries of Lahore and soon they start receiving the orders from all over the Pakistan Today there are 2 brick kilns that belong to Haq Bricks Company, all located in Jambber area. These Kilns are busy round the year in the Production of quality bricks. Although Haq Bricks Company Dose Produce the First Awal quality brick, which is very much in demand, but their real strength is the production of Fair Face Bricks that are manufactured in various sizes and shapes according to the requirement and aesthetic design of the architect. Apart from the full/regular sizes fair face bricks, they manufacture Gutka in three regular sizes. More over they also manufacture the same quality face bricks in order to enhance the beauty of the buildings. The additional service provided by the company to the architects is that, they are always ready manufacture fair face bricks in new shapes as design/ or demanded by them. The quality of the production of Haq Bricks Company is not only recognized in Lahore . But it is also famous in whole Pakistan.
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